Tenant Resource Centre

Now that you’ve found the ideal rental property, what’s next?  The following documents, links and articles are value-added items that will help ease the stress of your big move.


Before the Big Move   

Check with Current Tenants:

Speak to current tenants of the property you wish to rent.  Suggested questions include:

             Is noise an issue in the building?

             Are there any safety concerns in the building or in the neighbourhood?

             How does the landlord respond to reported problems?  Are repairs made promptly?

             Are there major repair problems in the building? 

             Are there pests in the dwelling?



Moving Tips

             Become a packing supply hoarder!  Ask friends, work and grocery stores for moving boxes, old newspapers, bubble wrap and tape.  Be ready to start packing before you even find your next home.

             I know you hate to do it, but start packing now.  You will be amazed at the amount of stuff you have collected.  The earlier you begin, the more organized and stress-free your move will be.

             Use this opportunity to unload the hoarder within you.  De-clutter and purge unwanted items. The less you have, the less you have to pack, saving you time and money.

             Label boxes with the contents and location so that items that belong in the kitchen will be brought into the kitchen.  This will speed up the moving process and you will easily find the items you need.

             Leave a small amount of kitchen supplies – a set of dishes, cups, glasses, cutlery, coffee maker – the daily essentials until the night before.  Pack these right before going to bed or the morning of the move.

             Keep valuables like jewellery and important documents close at hand so you can move them yourself.

             Remember to change your address with the Post Office and update your utilities, magazine subscriptions and other services.




What to pack last

Whether you hire the pros or DIY, there is an art to getting ready for the big move.  Here is a list of things that should be packed last, labelled and stored in a separate box, so they will be ready for use when you arrive at your new home.

1.            Tools! There are blinds and window coverings to put up, pictures to hang – so get your hammers, screwdrivers, nails and tape measures ready. 

2.            Everything you need to keep your electronics going throughout the day: extension cords, batteries and cellphone chargers.

3.            Cleaning products.  Unless you’re moving into a new home, there will be traces of the previous tenant left behind.  Be sure to bring along window cleaners, bathroom cleaners, paper towels and dusters.

4.            A box of multi-purpose light bulbs is a good idea.  It may be dark when you move in and you don’t want to be left in the dark because the previous tenant took the light bulbs with them!

5.            Snacks to feed the hungry crew!  Something so trivial often gets overlooked.  Energy levels will drop so make sure to provide plenty of snacks for friends and family members helping with the big move.  Bags of chips, nuts and whole fruit left on the kitchen counter to pick at throughout the day are a good bet. 

6.            Forget about cooking.  Have the number to your favourite local pizza place handy.  If new to the neighbourhood, see what Google Map suggests.

7.            Don’t forget to stay hydrated.  Purchase a case of water, soft drinks and the customary beer.  Have plastic cups, paper plates, napkins and a bottle opener handy.  And don’t forget to offer refreshments to the movers.  They too need to stay hydrated.

8.            Okay, who carries cash on them, right?  It is exactly why you should make a stop at the bank machine the night before.  Expect unexpected expenses, so be prepared with cash.

9.            This may sound redundant, but don’t forget to keep your wallet and cellphone handy.  In all the chaos, you don’t want to be searching for these vital items, especially since your landline may not be running yet.

10.         The very last thing to put into your box – box cutters.  You’ve got to open your boxes with something!  Get a pair of them so you and whoever is helping you can work more efficiently. Before the Big Move



Landlord Resource Centre

Rental properties can be a great source of income, but they can also be a source of frustration.  To ease the rental of your next property, arm yourself with the proper documentation and information.

How to showcase your property on espazeo:

1.            It’s true, bathrooms and kitchens rent apartments. So be sure to take lots of pictures of these key living spaces.

2.            Focus on your property’s best assets.  Have a spacious balcony, or a modern living space?  Let prospective renters know through pictures and in your description.  Showcase your best assets up front.

3.            Location, location, location.  Let renters know if you are near public transit, schools, parks, restaurants and other points of interest.

4.            Think of the type of renter you want and then sell to them.  For example, if your rental is prime for students, then focus on amenities that appeal to the student lifestyle – like being close to a Starbucks, free Wi-Fi services, etc.

5.            Title your property with the renter in mind. If you want to attract an executive, then a title such as “Luxurious Executive Apartment in Upper-West End” will certainly draw their attention.

6.            If you want to rent fast, then consider a Featured Listing . More pictures and more space to promote your property.

Questions to ask prospective tenants

1.            Why are you moving?

2.            When do you plan on moving-in?

3.            How many people will live in the rental?

4.            What is your monthly income?

5.            Who are you employed with?

6.            Can you provide references from your employer and current landlord?

7.            Will you consent to a credit and background check?

8.            Can I visit you in your current property?

9.            Do you have any pets?

10.         Are you planning on staying long-term?

The espazeo rental marketplace is growing! Coming soon: