Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question?  Look here to find the answer.


Q - Do I have to subscribe to use espazeo?

A - No need to register or subscribe to use our site.  Simply enter your criteria in the search field and off you go.


Q - I’m not happy with my search results, what can I do?  

A - To maximize your potential of landing your dream rental, broaden your search criteria to provide more flexibility and increase your search results.  Consider expanding your search location, selecting fewer amenities and increasing your price range.  


Q - I just saw the perfect rental property listed on your site!  What do I do next?

 A - That’s great news!  You now need to contact the individual indicated on the listing. We provide a marketplace for you to connect with rental properties, but now you’ve got to close the deal. Enjoy your new espazeo.


Q - What do I need to ask my prospective landlord to ensure that I get the best value for my rental dollars?

A - Visit Resources Centre for information that can further assist you.



Q - What is a Featured Listing?

A - For properties that require more visibility, a 15 day featured listing will make your listing pop!

$14.95CDN will give you:


             24 high resolution photos to showcase your property (3 gallery photos)

             Business card insert

             Location map including “Google Street View”

             Sharing tools

             Basic 45 character title

             Subtitle with 115 characters

             1,500 character description

             Web link to your personal site

             Random homepage appearances for maximum visibility

             15 days as a Featured Listing (plus the standard 60 day exposure)



Q - What happens to my Featured Listing after the 15 days are over?

A - You will receive an email advising you that your Featured Listing is about to expire.  At that point you could decide to renew, otherwise it automatically becomes a basic listing for an additional 60 days.


Q - How do I remove a property that has been rented?

A – Its simple. Log into your account, select the “Edit” tab for the desired listing you wish to delete, and then click the “Delete Listing” tab.


Q - So who are you guys?

A - espazeo is not connected or affiliated to any of the properties or realtors listed.  The website is an unbiased marketplace where renters find the rental property of their dreams. 

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