About Us:


espazeo  / es-pah-zee-oh /  deriving  from the Latin root for space, room, place, home.


Definition of espazeo:


1.       An online marketplace that connects renters with rental properties across Canada.


2.       The ez way to find your new rental property.



Frustrated by the lack of professional and reliable online rental sites? Yeah, we were too. That’s why a Real Estate Agent and a Property Manager combined forces to launch espazeo, the online go-to rental listing destination.


Renters, there’s no need to search countless laundry list websites, newspapers and community papers when there is espazeo! We are the only coast-to-coast site that breaks down specific neighbourhoods, has in-depth listings and detailed descriptions, photos, sharing tools and plenty more!


Finding a tenant is no easy task. Rental Property Owners and Real Estate Agents have a secure, reliable online tool that professionally promotes listings to actively searching renters.  All listings are FREE but you can upgrade to get lots of great add-ons that will boost your visibility.


Enough about us – let the Landlord/Tenant connections begin!





Find your new espazeo!


Searching for the perfect rental? Stop wasting time scanning local newspapers or shifty websites; your new espazeo is right here. espazeo has made your rental search ez.


·         A professional and reliable online community designed exclusively for renters.


·         ez-to-use search tool with numerous options that increases the odds of finding exactly the right property for you.


·         The only site that accurately breaks down specific neighbourhoods so you can zero-in on your desired location using a sophisticated search tool.


·         In-depth listings with detailed descriptions, photos and Google Map image so you can narrow down your search.


·         Moving from Montreal to Calgary? No problem, our coverage is coast-to-coast. Oh Canada!


·         FREE tenant-specific resources and documents, because we care!




Listing a Property


espazeo is the go-to rental site where Landlords, Realtors and Property Management Companies showcase rental properties.


Have you been listing your rentals right alongside someone selling their used tires? …Don’t compromise your professionalism and credibility!


Renting made ez!


·         Connect directly with tenants on a site that on a site that exclusively targets renters – nothing else.


·         A secure, trusted service that will reinforce your professional credibility


·         Save listings so that they can be reused in the future, saving time.


·         List as many rental properties as you like for FREE!


·         Realtors, find your own tenants here and keep 100% of your commissions!


·         Coverage across Canada.


·         Landlords… be among the professionals and find quality applicants!




What you get with a FREE listing:


·         8 high resolution photos to showcase your property (1 gallery photo)


·         Business card insert


·         Location map including “Google Street View”


·         Sharing tools


·         Basic 40 character title


·         500 character description


·         60 days of exposure

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What you get with a Featured Listing$14.95 makes you stand out from the crowd:


·         24 high resolution photos to showcase your property (3 gallery photos)


·         Business card insert


·         Location map including  “Google Street View”


·         Sharing tools


·         Basic 40 character title


·         Subtitle with 120 characters


·         1,500 character description


·         Web link to your personal site


·         Random homepage appearances for maximum visibility


·         15 days as a Featured Listing (plus the standard 60 day exposure)

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The espazeo rental marketplace is growing! Coming soon: