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Add:Xingda Road,Fugang Industrial Zone,
Fu Sha Town,Zhongshan,Guangdong

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2016 Xingda Hongye commencement ceremony held ceremoniously
Hongkong HKPCA leader visits Xingda Hongye
Yuan Hongwei,Chairman of Guangdong Industrial and Information Integration Development Center,came to Xingda Hongye Group to gu
Xingda takes part in the sixth men's basketball open competition in Fusha town
Xingda Hongye held the launching ceremony of intellectual property rights implementation
Xingda Hongye Volunteer Service Corps was formally established
Fusha town chamber of Commerce and three township chamber of Commerce held a friendly exchange activities in our company.
Xingda Hongye 2017 spring tea party wonderful replay
National brand cultivation management system and Xingda Hongye Business School construction project initiation Conference
Xingda Hongye's "three-industry" linked staff and workers Service station,community culture,high-tech undertakings,AGV"starte
Hongkong Federation of industry enters Xingda Hongye group
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