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Talent strategy
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Only first-class talents can build first-class enterprises.Xingda group adhere to the "we are in progress every day" business philosophy,the
group always take talents as the most important strategic resources,enterprise development adhere to the scientific development view and
talent,talent thriving enterprise strategy implementation,innovative talent working mechanism,explore new ways to meet the needs of the
enterprise talent team construction,continuously strengthen the talent team construction.

Xingda in the aspect of retention,one is to create a good development platform for talents and retain them with business.Second,implement
a salary system higher than the same industry standards in the enterprise,to achieve the retention of treatment;Third,we should create a
good cultural atmosphere that puts people first,constantly strengthen the affinity and cohesion within the enterprise,and retain people
with culture.We also advocate the "common development of individuals and enterprises" and firmly believe that the improvement of staff
quality is the guarantee of the improvement of enterprise quality;Provide fair opportunities and conditions for each employee and make fair
evaluation of employee performance;Recognize and respect the personal interests of employees,and share the benefits of enterprise
development with employees;Improve the working and living environment and constantly improve the working and living quality of employees.

Xingda takes employee's honesty as the first principle in selecting candidates.Without
honesty,everything is out of the question.Xingda advocates the management concept of "
employees are the partners of the enterprise".Personal ability can be limited,but the
team spirit must be strong.Everything is subject to the interests of the team.Second,
xingda pays attention to the competency of employees in their own positions and pays more
attention to the innovation spirit of employees.Xingda does not welcome the employees
who are prudent but have no achievements.Xingda also values diplomas,but more
importantly,employees' learning ability and development potential.Focusing on the needs
of the group strategy,through internal recruitment,external introduction,training and
other recruitment and selection measures,the group gives full play to its overall talent
advantages,attracts and gathers a large number of excellent talents,and the competitive
talent team keeps growing and growing.

Xingda on the use of talent,the group has formed the respect people dedicated,fair
competition,respect for knowledge and talent of the good environment of choose and
employ persons,adhere to the principle of fair,just and open,and established a
scientific human resources management system,put the right people in right positions,
make each have the capability and agree the enterprise values can play to their ability
in construction of xingda career,realize self aspiration.


Xingda has attracted,excited,and stayed talents to the talents.We regularly carry out activities such as selecting excellent employees and
technical leaders.In terms of employees' leisure cultural life,we should make efforts to create a cultural environment to encourage talents'
growth,cultivate and carry forward the corporate spirit of "honesty,mutual benefit,sharing and social return" and the core business
philosophy of "simple,transparent,standardized and sincere".

Xingda xingda is proud of the continuous joining of new employees,and the loyal dedication of more diligent old employees.Xingda is not
only an enterprise,but also a cause.It needs thousands of xingda people to achieve success for generations.

Xingda xingda group tuina baichuan,talent.No matter the degree level and the position are different,as long as care about xingda honor,
maintain xingda interest,diligent,hard working,competent in their work and constantly improving the staff are the same essential
excellent talents.

We sincerely hope that more excellent talents join xingda,and jointly create the glorious cause of xingda!